The Welll Group delivers a range of bespoke wellness programs tailored to suit your business and the needs of your employees

Your partners in wellbeing

We're not instructors. We're collaborators.

A collective of mental heath and wellbeing professionals, we're passionate about improving the lives of people in the workplace. Compassionate in our approach and empathic in our understanding, our mission is to support businesses in their wellbeing processes and strategy.

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The three pillars of Welllness

We believe that mind, body, and health need to be in harmony, which is why they form the core of our wellbeing approach. With specialists ranging across all three of these aspects, we offer a wealth of knowledge, resources and solutions to support your team and your business.

Why the Welll Group

A people oriented approach to wellbeing in the workplace

Holistic Wellbeing Approach

Everyone is different, and we understand that different people need different approaches. That's why we build a relationship with those in your team that need us, and make sure we're offering them the right tools to support their wellbeing.

Consultative and Supportive

We're all about people first and put collaboration at the forefront of our work ethic. We're not gurus preaching about how it should be done. We're partners working with you.

Results focused

We come from a business background, and we get it - it's not just about making people feel better, it;s also important to understand what the impact of improving staff wellbeing is on your business. We'll work with your HR team to see the broader picture and offer tools to measure the processes that we help put in place.

Tailored to you

We recognise that every business is different, which is why we take the time to understand your unique needs and then tailor an approach that works for you.

Why we need to think about wellbeing

The Facts about Health and Wellness

17.5 million days

were lost in the UK as a result of work-related stress, anxiety, and depression in 2018.

Source: Public Health England

Work-related office politics

is the most common cause of work-related stress, followed by "lack of interdepartmental communications" (34%), and "the work performance of others" (33%)

Source: PerkBox 2020 survey

Around £4.5 bn

was the total cost to UK businesses due to poor employee mental health in 2018

Source: Public Health England

55% experience anxiety

as a result of work stress, almost half (43%) lose sleep, while a third turn to comfort eating

Source: PerkBox 2020 survey

Employee wellbeing continues to rise up the corporate agenda

as fewer employees report their organisation is ‘much more reactive than proactive’ (27%, down from 41% last year) on health and wellbeing.

Source: CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2021

300,000 people

with a long term mental health condition leave employment every year, equivalent of the whole population of Newcastle or Belfast.

Source: Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employers

6% of people lose their jobs after one quarter

if they are struggling with long term mental health conditions.

Source: Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employers

The impact on the wider workforce

by people not being supported with their mental health by their employers can have a knock on effect on other members of teams/organisations if problems are left un-managed.

Source: Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employers

Mental health is one of the greatest causes of absence

in the UK, with absence due to mental health reasons since 2009 having risen by around 5%.

Source: Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employers

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