We're here for you and your team

A new way to look after your employee wellbeing

When it comes to wellbeing, it's better to be proactive than reactive. We're all about empowering your team, giving them the tools and the skills they need to support their wellness in the long term.

Our process

How we make a difference

Wellbeing Check-ins

Every month, we'll ask your team how they're feeling, and we'll look at what areas need to be improved.

There when you need us

Whether it's over the phone or via messaging, our team are available to your staff when they need us. All communication is confidential, and information provided to us is kept private.

Welllness Dashboard

Get access to our subscriber-only hub of mind, body, and health resources. Podcasts, webinars, downloadable workbooks and video webinars - there's a wealth of content to support you and your team.

Health Products

We offer a range of health and nutritional products to keep people at their best

Webinars and Workshops

We'll deliver webinars to your team to help support their wellbeing journey, and provide interactive workshops that are tailored to suit their needs.

Business Strategy

Providing support for your business to enact lasting, sustainable wellbeing strategies.

Whether you're a small business or you're well established with teams across different locations, we've got wellbeing solutions to suit your needs. Starting with a consultation, we'll work with you to define your requirements and tailor a package to suit you.

Our wellbeing solutions start from £1.50 per employee per month, and can be purchased individually or in sets.

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