Terms and Conditions

I know, these can often be confusing and full of jargon, so I've tried to make the terms of use as accessible and fun as I can. Be aware, that these terms and conditions relate to your use of the website, not to any engagement that we may undertake within a coach-client relationship.

Acceptance of Terms

Make sure you give this a little read, because by using this website, then you're providing implied consent to these terms and conditions. That means that I don't need you to actually tell me that you accept them - we legally assume that you do by using the website.

International enquiries

Unfortunately, due to the insurance minefield that providing therapeutic services to non-UK residents would open up for me, I can't provide any services to people living outside of the UK.

Access to the site and associated rights

Fruitful Success Ltd are the owners of this website and all of the content therein. Unless I mention otherwise. You are more than welcome to access anything that's on this website for personal and non-commercial use.  However, please refrain from exploiting, extracting, publishing, distributing, data-mining, or reproducing any part of this site for commercial purposes. I'm a small business and could do without being taken advantage of. Plus no one likes a plagiarist.

I'll also be really aggrieved if you try to DDoS, damage, restrict access to, break into servers, or generally interfere with the service of the website. To the point where I'm likely going to have to get the authorities involved. Again, small business trying to support people who are stressed out, so be kind people.

Accuracy and validity of information

I do my best to ensure that the content on the website is as accurate as I possibly can. However, I'm only human, and sometimes I make mistakes. Therefore, I can't take any liability for the validity of information that I make available to you. 

If you spot something that you think is wrong, then let me know. I'm always open for a bit of feedback and I'd be happy to chat with you about it.

Linking to this website

By all means, if you spot something interesting and want to share it, please do. All I ask is that you do it in a way that isn't unreasonable, damaging to my reputation, or in any way that takes advantage of the information that I provide. You also can't share any content under the guise of my endorsement, approval, or association. That's not cool, unless we've had a chat and agreed something in writing first.


I've taken every measure I can to ensure that the site remains available as much as possible. However, I don't own the servers, and sometimes I need to take the site down for updates, maintenance, and the like. I also can't promise you that the site is going to be free from viruses, although the chances are very low. So if you run into any technical issues or losses as a result of using this website, I can't be held liable for it. 

Third party websites

Sometimes I'll provide links to other websites in articles or links on this site. To be clear, I'm not responsible for any content or operation of these websites that I may link to, so if you have any issues, you'll have to take it up with them. I also have to state that my linking to a third-party website doesn't mean that I endorse or promote it in any way. It's likely that there's some content on there that I think will be useful to you. I accept no responsibility or liability for the contents of any linked website.


From time to time, I might update these terms and conditions. I don't actually have to notify you that I've done this, so it's on you to have a look at them every now and then if you're so inclined and make yourself aware of any changes if you continue to use the site.

Choice of law

As I'm based in the UK, solely provide therapeutic services to UK residents, and this website and all data relating to it are hosted in UK territory, you'll be unsurprised to hear that English law shall govern the use of the website and in the event of a dispute you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.