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Charlotte Pettley Charlotte Pettley Head of Therapeutic Services

My name is Charlotte and I work as a holistic Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner based in Chelmsford, in the heart of Essex, UK.

I am passionate about the connection between our mind, body and spirit and the innate power we hold within that allows us to heal ourselves. I’m not aligned with any particular religion or tradition but combine various teachings, techniques and tools to create a more holistic approach to advancing your health and wellbeing.

6 years ago, I began my own self-discovery and healing journey, where I initially discovered the power of mindfulness meditation in helping with my symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. From there, I discovered NLP and hypnotherapy and then later Reiki and IEMT. With the help of various therapists and coaches guiding me, assisting me and cheering me on, I was given the faith and encouragement I needed to continue when life threw me curveballs.

When I felt stuck in the mud, and unable to move in any which direction, they guided me through the process. They gave me a helping hand up out of that dark place so that I could see the light held within me that had been hidden there all along; waiting to grow, shine and expand. I would be honoured if you gave me the opportunity to do the same with you.

It is my commitment to you that I will continue to advance and expand my skills and knowledge in various therapeutic tools to add value to the services I provide. As well as this, it’s my promise to you that I will continue to work on my own personal growth and healing to enable me to show up to the best of my ability. In doing so I will endeavour to assist you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals and bring about change - impacting your life in the most beneficial way possible for you.

David Johnson David Johnson Chief Technology Officer

My specialism is dealing with burnout and work-related stress. Being well-versed in the kingdom of burnout myself, my vision is to bring the knowledge and wisdom that I've gained through my own experiences and use it to help others before they get to the point of breakdown.

Before finding myself as a Life Coach, I spent 20 years working in a number of different industries. I've been a chef. I've been a defence engineer. I've worked in corporate finance, digital agencies, and software development.

In 2010, I started training as a counsellor. You spend a lot of time self-reflecting, working on yourself so that you don't project your own issues on to your clients. It was a revelatory time. I came to recognise the aspects of my past that were playing out in my present.

The people pleasing, the need for perfection, and the external nature of my self-worth was a rollercoaster of engaging too much in work and not enough in my own self care.

It brought me back to my childhood interests of Buddhism and Taoism. Diving into meditation, exploring the teachings, and investigating how they can be applied in the context of Western living.

In 2020, I founded Fruitful Success. Taking the western ideas of psychotherapy and combining them with more holistic eastern practises, coupled with the learnings from my own journey, I strive to support those struggling with burnout and empower them with the tools to manage their stress.

Sarah Mills Sarah Mills Coach, Mentor and Health & Welllbeing Consultant

I worked as a Marketing Consultant in London, gaining over 15 years experience launching well known brands. Although I was a hardworking corporate girl, I have always harnessed an entrepreneurial spirit. I have always believed there was ‘another way’ to give me a more beneficial and meaningful work-life balance.

It was only by chance, whilst still working in my corporate role, that I was introduced to Arbonne International - the opportunity that would prove to be ‘another way’. Since starting my online business with Arbonne, an award winning luxury vegan health and wellness brand and certified B corporation, I have built a successful global online business.

Today, I am a passionate entrepreneur showing others how to create online ‘side hustles’ and ethical businesses. A passionate advocate for helping people live their best lives and flourishing through adversity and challenges to continue to grow with purpose, my ethos is about 'The Art of Winning' and being your 'Best You' inside and out.

As a health and wellness professional, I have helped hundreds of people thrive for more than a decade, with sustainable healthy living for mind, body and skin.

A vegan for 6 years, I love the connection with healthy food, healthy mindset and the balance of the 80/20 rule to thrive. Whether it’s a healthy living programme to FeelFit in 30 days, education in being a conscious consumer or being part of a global wellness community that gives back, I love showing others how to make the change too.

I am a proud social marketing professional, personal development coach, mentor and healthy living advocate.

David Jack David Jack Head of Marketing

My name is David Jack, I am a 33 year old male originally from Northampton but now residing in Bristol. The reason I joined The Welll Group’s marketing arm was not just because of the moral enjoyment of being able to bring help and success to people but was also as a direct result of my own experience. From my early 20’s I have been very successful in my career but with that came a lot of pressure from work and family wanting financial help and support.

I convinced myself that I could handle it on my own and that it's probably nothing to worry about. I also believed I couldn't share my issues for fear of feeling embarrassed.

This, over time, led me to severe depression and anxiety. That led me to trying to take my life on two occasions.

I eventually sought help after realising I wasn't capable of dealing with it on my own and I was separating myself from my loved ones.

I had great support once I realised the issue but a lot could have been avoided both in my work life and personal life if we had been able to see the signs earlier.

That's why I'm here,

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